Pirjo Ståhle is visiting professor at the Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research, Aalto University School of Engineering. Her main areas of expertise are knowledge management, innovations and the measurement of intellectual capital. Pirjo Ståhle moved to her current position from the University of Turku, Finland Futures Research Centre, where she served as professor from 2004 to 2013.

Pirjo Ståhle has occupied a bridge-building position between business, academia and public institutions for more than 20 years. The models and measures developed by her have had practical application in both business companies and public organisations. At the Turku Futures Research Centre she was in charge of research projects concerned with the economic impacts of intellectual capital in 48 countries (nic4nations). Furthermore Pirjo Ståhle is one of the main architects of the international ACSI innovation platform. She served as the platform’s scientific director in 2012-2013. ACSI is a global new-generation innovation agenda that brings together experts from around the world to address the innovation challenges facing society (Forum for social innovation sweden).

Pirjo Ståhle is often mentioned as a pioneer of Finnish knowledge management. She was the country's first-ever Chief Knowledge Officer (Sonera 1998-2001), first Professor of Knowledge Management (Lappeenranta University of Technology 2001-2007), and her book on Knowledge Management was the first Finnish book on this subject.

Pirjo Ståhle has published several books and more than 100 articles in popular and scientific publications and given numerous lectures and presentations on themes related to self-renewal in organisations, innovations, and knowledge-intensive economy and its management. She has also served as reviewer on numerous national and international expert panels and as a board member of numerous organisations and companies. She is currently on the following boards: World Vision International, World Vision Finland, The New Club of Paris (NCP) and M-Brain Oy. M-Brain is a Finnish business intelligence company that monitors and analyses social and editorial media content. It is the biggest company in its field in the Nordic countries. NCP is an international forum that supports the global development of knowledge and innovation economy. World Vision is one of the world’s biggest development and relief organisations that has been active in 95 countries and significantly improved the living conditions of 120 million children and their communities.

Selected publications

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